Cloud Mock API Platform

Fastest way to build an API

No coding required

A powerful and intuitive UI for building an API for any design specification. Energize builds the database and server for you, with lots of prebuilt features baked right in.

Deploy instantly

With the click of a button, deploy your API to the cloud in seconds. Everything from creating your API to delivering it to your consumers is handled by Energize.

Users & Accounts

A complicated accounts system is not something you want to rebuild for every app. Energize comes with a secure and fully-featured user accounts system, so your users can login and start consuming protected resources.


Security is hard to get right, and takes a lot of time away from building the features you want for your app. That's why Energize serves all your data over SSL at no extra cost.

Production Ready

Built from the ground up to be scalable and optimized. Energize was designed from the beginning to provide production ready APIs.

Open source

Energize is and will always be open source. You can find the project on GitHub. If you have ideas for improving Energize for everyone, please feel free to contribute to the project at any time.